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Why is art so important?

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Many people live through life without truly understanding art. Importance of it in today’s society is such a relevant, yet not observed topic. We see art everywhere we go these days. Whether you are drinking espresso at a café or simply jogging at the park, you can always spot a graffiti drawn on the wall of some building, or a musician playing guitar on a bench. Though, not everyone notices it anymore.

Creativity and the act of making art is far more important to this planet than you’d think. Take a moment and imagine a world without it. Yeah, it…

Streetart: skeletons celebrating
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In my opinion, deeply rooted traditions of Mexican people or Latin culture is one of the most fascinating topics to talk about to this day. Particularly, the one I am going to be analyzing, celebration of The Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos). This truly breathtaking festival is a combination of fantasy, folklore, incredible decorations, spooky, mystical legends and even modern elements too. Differently than the rest of the world, Mexican people see this day as a celebration of life, rather than death. Even though Dia de Muertos is celebrated similarly all over Latin America, it originated in Mexico…


Major coffee and cat lover<3 Interested in art, various cultures, food, innovative technologies, chemistry, biology, style and nature.

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